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Sunday, November 1, 2015


We all have customers.  

Customers are those who want or need something we can provide.  Those provisions take the form of goods or services or expertise or support.  Our customers may pay for those provisions with money, or with currency of some other kind (such as bartered goods or services or expertise or support).

We all have customers.  

They may be complete strangers whom we encounter in a business exchange.  They may be close acquaintances who need/want something we can deliver.  They may be family members.  They may even be our bosses (yep!).  

We all have customers.

No matter what our age, our occupation, our interests, or our avocations, we are in the daily business of providing something to others that they need/want from us. 

We all have customers.

If we deal with our customers from a mindset of service, they will dependably reciprocate and return their "business" to us gladly in the future.  If we deal with our customers from a mindset of obligation and entitlement on our part (assuming they have no other options), we'll lose their business.  We'll also lose the many blessings that would otherwise be ours.

How we treat our customers is an excellent predictor of what we can expect out of life.

The choice is ours. (As usual.)

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