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Thursday, June 27, 2019


Adaptation is the process of modification toward achieving certain goals.  

Some examples:

  • Certain creatures change their shape or color in order to blend in to the environment. The goal? Survival.
  • Teenagers often dress in the current trend, even if the style seems absurd. The goal? Acceptance.
  • Many auto enthusiasts buy and install "after market" embellishments for their car or truck. The goal? Increased performance or heightened coolness.
  • Many who receive an awful health prognosis vastly change their nutrition regimen. The goal? Improved health, quickly.
  • Businesses often modify their product or service menus. The goal? To gain or retain market share.
When the goals are worthy and noble, adaptations can ensure improved health, happiness, and productivity. When the goals are purely selfish and dubious, adaptations usually don't gain traction or last very long.

The best leaders I know are extremely adept adapters.  They constantly survey the "landscape," and lead themselves and their organizations toward transformational alterations that lead to better futures for all. 

Those leaders know well and act regularly on the precept that CHANGE is at the heart of living well (whether as individuals or as organizations). 

Saturday, June 22, 2019


From observing some rather exceptional leaders over the last 50-ish years, here are a few of the traits that make me want to keep following them:

  • With their words and their ears and their hearts and their effort, they create a clear picture of a better future for all of us.
  • They see how each of us can contribute to achieving that picture, and create meaningful roles for us to make those contributions.
  • They understand and communicate that progress is the daily expectation, and that perfection is a debilitating illusion.
  • They afford everyone in the organization respectful attention and voice.
  • They understand that persistent LEARNING is a requirement for success, and that organizational learning is a direct downstream effect of individual learning. 
  • They notice, acknowledge, and express gratitude for goal-oriented effort and work, relentlessly.
  • They stay focused on the WE, the US, the OUR (not the me, the I, the mine).
I'm betting if you look closely at the most magnetic organizations in your life (whether family or business or faith or...), you'll see that kind of leadership at work.

Thursday, June 6, 2019


What causes us to miss our mark?  To fall a bit short?  To feel as though we didn't accomplish our goals?

Here are some common aim-jackers:

  • Forgetting that serving others is priority ONE
  • Focusing too much on material gain
  • Comparing ourselves with others
  • Regret and self-pity
  • Short-term-itis
  • Envy
Each is a state of mind, completely within our control.

Reload.  Re-focus.  Re-aim (every minute of every day).

A shooters' mantra:  "Aim small, miss small."

Sunday, June 2, 2019


Advice springing from reflective research is dependable.
Advice from the inexperienced deserves our suspicion.
Advice from wise counsel is more precious than gold.
Advice founded in rich experience is worthy.
Advice that is proprietary typically isn't.
Advice unsolicited is usually ignored.
Advice unheeded is chimeral.
Advice is always verifiable.

Advice is like LEARNING - the quality of what we get is directly proportional to what we've invested.

SEEK and ye shall find.  Never been easier.

Be advised.........