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nc's Growth Plan

I keep myself on a perpetual personal growth plan (updated each June).  Here's the current version...

Nelson Coulter’s Professional Growth Plan for the 2021-22 School Year

Framed against the components of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory. 

Intrapersonal Intelligence

I will accelerate my own learning and generously share it with others.

I will engage in mental, physical, and emotional/spiritual “resets” every 90 minutes.

Interpersonal Intelligence

I will relentlessly demonstrate my love for Moe and my family.

I will strive to build bridges and not walls with every interpersonal encounter.

I will purposefully build the capacity of others within my sphere of influence.

I will explore better ways to meaningfully engage with others in virtual spaces.

Verbal-linguistic Intelligence

I will read at least one non-fiction and one fiction book per month.

I will write at least one article for publication.

I will begin writing book #4.

I will make at least two blog entries per week.

Logical-mathematical Intelligence

I will better understand the patterned/mathematical underpinnings of nature and music.


Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence

I will eat REAL food only (predominantly an organically raised, plant-based diet).

I will get daily sunlight exposure on my skin.

I will purposefully learn more about optimizing my health (physical, intellectual, and spiritual).

I will “move” (walk, swim, work physically, etc…) for at least one hour each day. 

Musical Intelligence

I will practice/perform music for at least 20 minutes each day.

I will add one song per quarter to my performance repertoire.

I will play music with friends at least twice per year.

Spatial Intelligence                 

I will more effectively use symbolism, both physically and abstractly.

I will be more observant of form, function, patterning, and relationships within integrated systems.

Naturalist Intelligence

I will be a more conscientious steward of all resources.

I will seek to better understand ecological interconnectivity (both in natural and social contexts). 

I will deliberately apply regenerative permaculture practices on our land.

I will purposefully practice thankfulness for the lives given that sustain my own.

Existential Intelligence

I will seek deeper understanding of God’s purpose(s) for my life.

I will engage more deeply in the practice of consciousness and mindfulness.

I will connect with faith walkers daily.

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