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Monday, November 25, 2019


Lots of folks are leaders.  Some are so mostly because of the titles they wear.  Others, the ones I admire most, are leaders as result of the influence they wield.

The most influential leaders I know manifest the following:
> Focus - they relentlessly pursue a few VERY worthy goals
> Passion - they are passionate about that pursuit
> Tenacity - they Do NOT give up on that pursuit
> Transparency - they communicate often, openly, without variation (no secrets)
> Integrity - their actions and words are always aligned
> Respectfulness - they treat others courteously and fairly - invariably
> Humbleness - they have "rank" (formal or informal), but rarely pull rank

Leaders like this, I happily follow.

Friday, November 22, 2019


Actually, there's no such thing as InVulnerable.  We're all vulnerable.

What makes us so?
Hatred...and Love
Certainty...and Doubt
Fear...and Courage
Wealth...and Poverty
Ignorance...and Knowledge
Strength...and Weakness
Hegemony...and Hubris

Perhaps Vulnerability's ultimate threat to us is when we are blind to it.

Despite perceptions and performances, we're all in the same boat.  We're ALL vulnerable. 

Understanding our vulnerability (vulnerabilities?) is a good starting point for NOT becoming its victim.  And, for living a more generous, humble, and forgiving life.

As they say, "Dust to dust."  What really matters is what we do between those two dusts.

We can do better, and should.

Friday, November 15, 2019


Whether we believe it the result of fluke accident or that of Intelligent Design, the cyclical nature of life is deeply embedded into the fabric of our being.  

Each day ends, a new one begins.  One year closes, another ensues.  Death occurs, new births relentlessly replace.  The circle of life, the cycle of life, runs constantly in the background.

What gives our lives meaning is the existential question that belongs, seemingly, to humans alone.  

Some questions worth cyclically considering:

Do the ones we love and care about know it?
Is the world a better place for our presence in it?
Are our goals worthy and noble (as individuals, as organizations)?
What have we learned that makes us better?
What do we need to learn next to make us even betterer?

Getting better, everyday, on purpose.  Living well, loving much, leaving better.

We get to decide, afresh with each new day.

Friday, November 8, 2019


I recently read Food Over Medicine: The Conversation That Could Change Your Life by Pam Popper and Glen Merzer (2013). 

This book is the transcript of a conversation between Popper and Merzer, both advocates for using nutrition to affect healing for humans.  Much of their conversation confirms what Moe (my lovely bride of 42 years) and I have been learning over the last few years about our own health and wellbeing.

Some of my biggest takeaways:

- There is mounting evidence that the health benefits of high-quality nutrition exceed that of conventional medical interventions for many of the chronic diseases plaguing Americans.

- Many of the chronic and autoimmune diseases we see in western cultures are the result of lifestyle and nutritional choices, and can often be reversed with changes in those lifestyle and nutritional choices.

- Conflicts of interest abound between researchers, corporations, and governmental regulatory agencies (within the medical, pharmaceutical, and nutrition fields).

- We, as a nation, would be far better served to focus on proactive health, lifestyle, and nutrition efforts than to continue to struggle with creating a comprehensive insurance umbrella which will never be able to meet the demands of the ever-increasing volume of health impairments.

- Popper insists that a plant-based diet is the surest and best pathway toward optimal health.

Dr. Popper may be one of the most intelligent humans I’ve had opportunity to learn from – an immense intellect, superb command of the subject matter, remarkable analytical skills, and excellent ability to articulate her knowledge.

If improved health is our goal, this book is well worth the time.