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Monday, November 16, 2015


Leading requires heart.

There are those who think they can lead without it, that they can insulate themselves from caring while leading others.  But, any evidence of effectiveness in this regard is chimeral.  

Trying to express care through memos or public address announcements doesn't really work.  We have to show up, in person.  Some ways we can manifest caring:

  • Notice - others, what they're doing, how they contribute, when they hurt.
  • Help - by lending a hand, by offering support, by rolling up our sleeves and contributing.
  • Defend - the good work and noble effort of those around us who are diligently pursuing our collective goals.
  • Remember - names, past efforts, former campaigns together, interests.
  • Touch - through hand shakes, hugs, fist bumps (but don't get weird).
  • Listen - a hole right through 'em.  Always listen, too much.  

Caring takes work, but the dividends are plentiful.

Being heartless is just another way to dodge our own responsibilities as leaders. 

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