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Monday, November 2, 2015


We all need a mountain to climb, a big-picture goal around which we can build our plans and focus our efforts.  Knowing where it is we want to go is critical, in both our personal and professional lives.

It's not like there's a right or a wrong peak to challenge.  Pick one.

For any chosen peak/goal we get to select the path(s) by which we traverse it.  Pick one.

Challenging the peak/goal is always more fun and more self-actualizing when we do it with another person or a team of others.  Pick one.

When pursuing lofty goals we can expect setbacks.  The only question is which path we choose to overcome/circumvent the barriers.  Pick one.

Our cheerleaders are usually those who are at, or busy pursuing, their own pinnacle.  They are legion.  Pick one.  
(Our detractors, by the way, are typically those who are still "stuck" at the base or who have given up on their own aspirations.  Don't pick one.) 

Godspeed if you're already climbing your chosen mountain.  If not, pick one.  


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