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Thursday, November 26, 2020


 About half of my professional life has been spent serving as a high school principal. One of the duties of that role is to plan and deploy the annual commencement ceremony for the graduating class. 

I made it a habit to remind the graduates each year that they did not arrive at that important day all on their own. Each one had someone, or a bunch of someones, who supported them in achieving that milestone. Thus, I admonished the graduates to not let that special day pass without expressing their appreciation, thankfulness, love to those who meant so much to their success.

Oddly, the simplest expressions of gratitude and love often feel the weightiest. In fact, a simple hug, a heartfelt "Thanks," a sincere "I love you" seem supreme. 

Graduation day is a great time for voicing such gratitude and love.

Thanksgiving is another excellent day for same.

Saturday, November 21, 2020


Any leader, good or bad, can tell you how important communication is. In fact, I've heard some leaders assert that leadership actually IS communication. An interesting thought...

The best leaders I know communicate often, communicate clearly, communicate through all kinds of media.

The wisest leaders I know consistently attempt to minimize their use of monologue, while at the same time maximizing the amount of time spent in dialogue.  

I've much to learn from those wizards.

Monday, November 9, 2020


Leadership is tricky business. Doesn't matter if we're talking parenting, coaching, preachering, teaching, bossing, generaling, or....

Effective leaders spend far more of their time, effort, thinking, and energy on building followership.  Autocratic leaders depend on compliance, through legalism and force, to achieve desired outcomes.

Armies that won't march...  Employees that slow roll work... Children that won't mind... Teams that won't commit... All are tells of uninvested followers. 

Autocrats respond by executing, firing, beating, dismissing the non-compliant.

Authentic leaders, on the other hand, respond by making a clearer, better case for followership toward noble and worthy goals. 

By the way, TRUST (not force) is the precursor to followership.  In case you were wondering.