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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Change ain't easy, but it's one of the surest constants in life.

Our bodies change, our thinking changes, the weather changes, economic conditions change, relationships change, cultures change.

Here are just some of the reasons many of us resist change:

  • We're comfortable and happy right where/how are, thank you!
  • We're afraid of what lies on the other side of change.
  • It just takes too much energy to change.
  • If we're being successful in the current state, why change?
  • We tried change once (or 50 times) before, and it just didn't work out.
These impediments to change often spring from the fact that we misperceive the constancy of change.  It's sort of like the misperception of stillness.  We may feel like we're being still, when in fact we're on a planet that it spinning at approximately 1,000 miles per hour.  And, Earth is hurtling around the sun at a speed of almost 19 miles per second.  Finally, the Solar System (of which Earth is a part) is screaming along through space at a speed of 514,000 miles per hour.  Stillness is a gross misperception.  The same sort of psychological misperception is at play regarding change.

When we come to think of change as a constant to which we must adapt (preferably gracefully) we take a completely different view of it.  

Change happens to us (and our organizations) whether we like or not.  The only question is how adept we are at adapting to it.

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