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Sunday, November 15, 2015


Real learning has always been personalized.

IF the learning stuck, it became personal to us somehow.  Whether it's figuring out how to say the alphabet, how to multiply two-digit numbers, how to solve chemical equations, or how to interpret poetry.

Same goes for learning non-academic stuff like how to cook biscuits, how to keep books, how to plow a field, or how to raise children.  The more important the stuff we're learning, the more likely that that learning can never end.  

Real learning is lasting learning, and it only occurs when it becomes personal to us.  There comes a point when we actually get curious about it, when we decide its worth learning in the first place, where we desire to know more of what's there, when we see its relevance for today and beyond.

A lot of variables are at play in the ignition of real learning, but the most prominent is a magical teacher to light the spark.  Those magical teachers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, and levels of education.  So thankful to have had so many of them in my past.  

Blessedly, I have many of them still.

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