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Saturday, November 14, 2015


Dog lovers know that when we feed our dog crappy, nutritionally sparse food (usually quite cheap), we see worsened physical condition, lower energy, and behavioral deficits emerge.  When we feed our dog high quality, nutritionally dense food, we see the positive effects in their physical condition, in their level of energy, and in their performance (usually expressed behaviorally).  In cats, we see the same manifestations occur in proportion to the nutritional quality of the food we provide them.

Moe and I see the same scenarios play out with our dairy cows.  High quality, nutritionally dense feed yields improved physical condition, improved energy, and improved quality of the milk they produce.  Same thing happens with our chickens.

When we feed ourselves low quality, nutritionally sparse food our physical condition also diminishes, our energy levels decline, and our behavioral/performance markers wane.  When we feed ourselves high quality, nutritionally dense food, we see rapid and significant improvement in our body condition, our energy levels, and our performance/behavioral markers.  

Imagine the impact on our bodies if we consume poor quality, nutritionally scant food for years, or even decades!  Been there, done that, and my body/mind/emotions showed it.  For at least forty years I was extremely well-fed by volume (too much so), but nutritionally malnourished.  And, I was paying a price for it.

REAL FOOD is what our bodies crave and need.  And, with a wee bit of work, we can find it (or produce it ourselves).  The benefits are priceless.  

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