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Thursday, March 30, 2017


Most of us feel passionate about something.  Maybe it's a hobby, maybe it's our faith, maybe it's our work.  Some of us even manage to be passionate about more than one thing.

How do we know when we have passion for something?

  • We think about the passion-interest continually, fluidly, persistently.
  • We really WANT to be successful in that endeavor (whatever it is).
  • We easily get lost in the pursuit, often completely losing track of time.
  • We have an intense desire to connect with others who share the same passion.
  • We dig and dig to learn more and get better in that field of interest. 
  • We talk or write about our passion-interest all the time, eager to share what we've learned.
  • We are energized by the passion-interest, despite spending so much energy on it.
  • We feel attracted to it rather than pushed to it (it's as if it is our magnet).
  • We experience a deep sense of purpose while engaged in our passion-interest.

Passion is a critical component in our being able to feel fully self-actualized.  

Found yours yet?

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