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Monday, March 13, 2017


I am guilty, as a leader, of making a problem more worser.  ;-)  I've witnessed countless others make the same mistake.

A few errors that propel us toward the More Worser Syndrome:
  • Turning a small issue into a big one. 
  • Denying an issue exists, when everyone knows it does.
  • Acting, behaving, or thinking in hysterical mode.  Panic breeds panic.
  • Direct blame and recrimination rather than actually dealing with the issue.
  • Lying about or covering up the malfeasance that actually caused the issue.
  • Dealing with the issue without garnering the perspective of those closest to it.
  • Procrastinating or avoiding dealing with an issue that screams for our attention.
After Action Reports (AAR), famously used by military folks, is the reflective process by which we metabolize how we dealt with the issue.  While the AAR is needful and necessary, it's called "after action" for a reason:  we should deal with the issue first.

Intervening to make issues less worser helps all in the organization stay focused on the truly important things - like pursuing our goals with minimal distraction.

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