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Monday, March 6, 2017


We've all heard the old saw, "You get what you pay for."

And, most of us have been enamored by, and purchased, the cheap option.

When we've acquired the cheapest product, more often than not it fails to work as advertised, is made of shoddy components, breaks almost instantly, or can't carry the load we need.

When we go for the cheapest service, more often than not the provider is not skilled enough, takes insanely long to deliver, hides behind a list of disclaimers and/or limitations, or can't be found/contacted when the service is lacking.

With a few things, we can live with cheap - things like paper clips, notebook paper, air freshener, combs, parking lot attendants, etc.

In other things, however, going with the cheap option costs us immensely and immeasurably - things like the food we put in our bodies, our internet provider, our customer interface software, etc.

Going with cheap usually comes with a pretty high price tag, in the form of compromised health, extended down time, lost customers.  

Count the costs, VERY carefully, before throwing in with cheap.

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