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Thursday, March 2, 2017


A script is not a plan.  

With a script we know (and are often the authors of) the story, and exactly how it ends.  A script defines the characters, the set, the plot, and the progression.  Open the curtains on cue, say the lines, change fluidly from one scene to the next.

While that might (and that's a BIG might) be a nice scenario for living life, that's not the way it works.  While it would be handy to be able to script things as we wish it, the reality is that living a successful, happy, and productive life relies on having a plan, not a script.

What makes for a good life (or business) plan?

  1. Knowing clearly where we want go or what we want to be or what we would like to accomplish.  Clarity about the end we desire is essential to achieving it.
  2. Developing well-defined strategies/moves we believe will move us steadily toward that defined outcome.  It really helps when we write these down and review them regularly, both to keep us focused on our intent and to help us monitor how well we're doing.
  3. Building adaptability into the deployment.  Life WILL through us curve balls, it WILL hand us some defeats.  A good plan takes into account that there will be losses and detours, and provides for ways to get back on track or circumvent/overcome the challenges.  Part of the adaptability is in regularly reviewing one's plan and modifying it as needed to take into account the changes in context or circumstances.  
  4. Graciously accepting and expressing appreciation for the help others lend us in our pursuit.  We can never accomplish anything consequential by ourselves.  
Plan well.  Live well.  Accomplish much.  (Leave the scripts to the movies.)

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