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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Planting stuff (seeds, bulbs, cuttings, trees, etc.) and Learning new stuff are interestingly similar.  Both are acts of faith.  We partake in both in the belief that they will yield something useful and valuable to us, with time.  We understand intuitively that the ultimate benefit that both yield is a function of how attentive we are to both processes.

Not everything we plant survives.  Yet, even the plants that fail to grow become valuable nutrients from which other plants can draw upon and prosper.  Learning is similar in that even things we learn that may not immediately enrich us in some way add to the structure and context by which we can make connections for new and actionable learning thereafter.

The stuff we plant that DOES germinate and launch into the life-succession is not only gratifying to watch and facilitate, it is also downright therapeutic for us.  It's as if the life we are nurturing nurtures us in return.  Learning new things has the same effect.  When we learn something new and relevant, it is energizing to see/feel/hear that learning add value to our lives in some way.

There is yet another similarity in planting stuff and learning stuff.  Stuff we don't get around to planting, most certainly will not grow.  And, learning we never invoke and embrace most certainly will not enrich us. 

Plant something new, regularly.  Learn something new, persistently.  It's called living well.

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