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Saturday, March 18, 2017


Most of us prefer to work in a state of empowerment.  Some organizations (and leaders) embed empowerment within the culture.  How?  Through...

  • A clearly stated vision of "where we're going."
  • Persistently sharing successes AND losses between/among team members.
  • Affording the safety to take risks.
  • Refusal to burden the team with layers of permission requirements.
  • Pervasive transparency - in communications, in intent, in support systems, in diagnostics.
  • Ensuring legitimate "voice" to ALL stakeholders.
  • Minimization of rules and minutiae (a.k.a. bureaucracy).
  • Consistent support publicly for work well done (and private reprimands for otherwise).
  • Relentless commitment to development, growth, and learning.
While it's great fun to be a part of such environments, the question begs:  What are we doing (as leaders) to create those very conditions?

The quality of the team and it's results is directly proportional to it.  

There is great power in empowerment.

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