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Saturday, April 1, 2017


Leaning ON that which we already know and understand is a good thing.  Leveraging the knowledge, the experiences, the skills we have acquired helps us to function more fully and more effectively.   But only if we activate that leaning with intent.  Otherwise, that knowledge, those experiences, those skills are useless to us.

Leaning INTO that which we do not know, have not experienced, or cannot yet do is just as powerful a concept.  Pushing into new knowledge, unfamiliar experiences, novel skills stretches us in myriad ways.  And, it makes us healthier and wholer (oops, another new word).  

There is little difference in the words "leaning" and "leaRning" - just an R's difference.  However, both are critical to our getting better, doing better, being better.

R we?

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