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Friday, March 10, 2017


I recently read The HomeGrown Herbalist by Dr. Patrick Jones (2014).

Yes, I really did!  And loved it.

PJ is a veterinarian, clinical herbalist, and naturopath.  Thus, he treats both animals and humans when they face health or trauma-related issues.  And, PJ also has a fabulous sense of humor.  

In this simple and concise primer for the neophyte herbalist, PJ introduces us to the basics of using plants (even some we only know as weeds) to improve our personal health.  He provides my first exposure EVER to herbal fundamentals like infusions, tinctures, poultices, salves, and electuaries.  

PJ confirmed and advanced my belief that Intelligent Design has provided the necessities for our optimal health, if we only learn to fully leverage them.

My favorite quote:  "We need to be plant based, not product based." (p. 66) 

A fun, quick, and enlightening read.  I'll never look at dandelions, cayenne, blackberry, and parsley the same way.

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