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Sunday, May 3, 2015


Most of us have experienced the sweet feel of full connection that occurs when we shoot a basketball and just know it's flying true, when we strike a baseball/softball and feel it jump off the bat, when we stroke a golf ball and know that we've hit "the sweet spot."  

In those instances, it is the dynamic of followthrough that causes that sensation of rightness.  It's as if the initiation of the process naturally and easily flows to its intended completion.  Oddly, in those instances, the feel is also one of full connection without the feel of overexertion.  Quite the contrary, in fact.  It's as if the process simply flows under its own power.

We experience that self-actualizing feel of followthrough when intellect, emotion, concentration, and physical effort converge holistically toward the desired outcome.  Followthrough is the manifestation of truly being "in the zone."

Followthrough can also be experienced in a lot of non-athletic kinds of endeavors.  When we successfully blend our intention and effort in order to complete the process, we can experience that euphoric feel when doing things like starting a business, fostering a relationship, teaching a lesson, bringing life to a nascent idea, or performing a piece of music.  

A couple of conditions are necessary antecedents to experiencing the heavenly sensation of followthrough:
  1. We've gotta show up.  Followthrough cannot be done vicariously; it's a first-person event.
  2. Followthrough is accomplished best and most often when we have purposefully practiced that convergence of intention and effort hundreds (if not thousands?) of times.  Followthrough is rarely a freak accident.
But, oh, how sweet the feel of followthrough is.

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