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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The cravings are gone.  For decades I would suffer from food cravings (for me it was usually something like a big bag of corn chips and salsa, donuts, or peanut M&Ms).  Almost always the cravings would involve something extremely salty, extremely sweet, or BOTH.  I would feel the overpowering need to grab a bag or a box or a bowl full of one of those items and I would literally polish it off in a matter of minutes (supersized, even better!).  And, oddly, those binges never left me feeling satisfied.  It was like the food (er, food-like substance) was not meeting the need my body was screaming for.  Now I know that, in fact, it wasn't.  

I was eating voraciously (by volume) while starving myself (by nutrition).

Almost 2 1/2 years into eating differently, the cravings are no longer there.  When I eat breakfast (around 5:30 a.m.) it holds me easily until lunch.  When I eat lunch it easily holds me through dinner.  When I eat dinner it easily holds me through breakfast.  Oddly, I rarely feel hungry. 

What I eat now:

  • Organically grown vegetables and fruits - none genetically modified, no pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides.
  • Fats, real fats, and plenty of them - real butter from organic milk, coconut oil, eggs from pastured chickens, raw nuts of all kinds, avocados, etc.
  • Meat from grass-fed and grass finished animals - no antibiotics, no hormones, no feedlot fare.
  • Whole milk and other organically derived dairy products.
  • Water (mostly rain water), tea, coffee.
What I eat none (or very little) of:
  • Processed foods of any kind - boxed, bagged, or packaged.
  • Genetically modified organisms/foods (corn, wheat, soy, beets are virtually all GMOs these days).
  • Processed sugars or grains.
  • Vegetable-based oils (Omega-6 laden stuff).
Why are the cravings gone?  I think it boils down to these two things: 
  1. I now only eat what my body needs (i.e., real food)
  2. I no longer eat stuff my body doesn't need (i.e., food-like substances).
Don't miss the cravings.  Not one bit...

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