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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Starting is always the hardest part.

Whether you're starting a...
  • new job
  • diet
  • family
  • garden
  • fitness plan
  • business
it's the beginning that's most challenging. 

One of the reasons that starting is so hard is that we intuitively understand that in order to get off to a "good start" a lot of thinking should occur.  Thinking about what we want, why we want it, what we hope to accomplish, how we might manage the outcomes, what happens after we actually get started, etc.

That thinking-about-it component is the reason a lot folks stay un-started.  It's easier NOT to start, because the thinking and the starting are so stinking hard.  "Stuck" just feels easier and safer.

But, the fun is in the learning and the learning is triggered when we get off the starting line.

Time to get started.

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