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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


When we make the decision to grow or improve, one of the first choices that follow is whether or not to share that decision with someone.

When we decide to improve ourselves by...
  • Eating healthier fare
  • Exercising with more discipline
  • Reading a book per month
  • Spending more quality time with valued others
  • Taking an online course to learn ___?___
...that is only the first step.  

If we keep the decision to ourselves, we have chosen to make it easy to bail on the commitment.  The odds of fizzling just went up. 

On the other hand, when we share with someone else our decision to improve, it oddly ups the ante of our ownership of the process.  We then automatically hold ourselves a bit more accountable for completing the improvement/growth project.  (Yep, there's research behind this assertion.)

Now for the test review:
  1. Decide to get better, somehow.
  2. Tell someone else your plan.

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