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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Hapkido is one version of the martial arts.  (Where the heck is nc going with this?)  As such, it is an approach to self-defense.  Hapkido leverages the redirecting of force and the skillful use of circular rather than linear motion in order to subdue one's aggressor.  It's practitioners use skillful body positioning and the redirecting of force to avoid head-on, strength-vs-strength conflict.

Like water, Hapkido-ists seek to go fluidly around, through, or over the object/aggressor.  They attempt to circle or circumvent typical force-on-force conflict, which generally results in significant trauma/stress/damage to both parties. 

Taking these concepts together, we can learn to deflect, redirect, circle around, blend, and merge the aggressive force of another aimed at us, leveraging it toward our own protection.  Almost always, these concepts are considered within the context of self-defense from physical attack.  

In effect, Hapkido is the co-opting of the energy of the aggressor to achieve one's own defense/protection/ends.  Note, also, that it's application is NOT intended to destroy the other.

Now consider, please, the possible use of the Hapkido concepts of self-defense described above when being aggressed by others in intellectual and/or emotional ways.  We can also learn to effectively manage interpersonal conflict in those contexts by deflecting, redirecting, flowing around, and co-opting the aggressive force of another, and thus, consuming it. All without the force-on-force carnage.

As with the practitioners of Hapkido, we can only deploy and refine such skills through our full attention, discipline and purposeful practice (i.e. LEARNING).  
(Ah! THAT's where nc's going with this...)

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