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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I recently read Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra (2009).

As DP almost always does, he pushed my thinking and challenged my assumptions.  Few authors/speakers so consistently pull me into new and different levels of understanding.

The big ideas of the book, which DP calls "breakthroughs," are in relation to physical wellness here:

  1. Our physical bodies are fiction, more verb than noun.
  2. Our bodies are conduits of energy.
  3. Heightened awareness will put us in greater tune to the needs/health of our bodies.
  4. We don't control our genes, but we have great power to determine which ones are turned on and which ones are turned off. Awareness is the vehicle of that power.
  5. Time is our ally, not our enemy (but it's up to us to view it as such).
And soul health here:

  1. Being more in touch with our soul (the link between us and God) is liberating, not constraining.
  2. Love, given and expressed freely, awakens our soul.
  3. Our soul is boundless, unless we constrain or restrict it (which we often do).
  4. Grace is the freeing byproduct of our surrender to awareness.
  5. We are fully the universe and the universe is fully us.

Those breakthroughs succinctly capture my takeaways from the book, though its density defies thumbnailing.

My favorite quotes from the book:

"You will know that you are responding from the soul level whenever you do the following: 
Accept the experience that’s in front of you. 
Approve of other people and yourself. 
Cooperate with the solution at hand. 
Detach yourself from negative influences. 
Remain calm in the face of stress. 
Forgive those who offend or wrong you. 
Approach the situation selflessly, with fairness to all. 
Exert a peaceful influence. 
Take a nonjudgmental attitude, making no one else feel wrong." (p. 182)


"The difference between a prisoner captive in his cell and you or me is that we have voluntarily chosen to live inside our boundaries." (p. 193)

I'll keep reading DP because it's like fartlek training for the brain.

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