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Friday, May 22, 2015


Hide-n-Seek is a great game.  For kids.

Not so much leaders.  Hiding from problems, dodging tough calls, avoiding accountability is a fools game that many in leadership try to play.  But they'll be found (out), sooner of later.

Servant leaders operate in broad daylight, out in the open.  
They do so by:

  • Being fully transparent.
  • Communicating the same message, pervasively, to all stakeholder groups.
  • Confronting threats to organizational well-being honestly, openly, expeditiously.
  • Having high expectations - first for themselves, then for everyone else.
  • Taking the risk of giving autonomy to others to "get the job done."
  • Minimizing the insulating layers between themselves and the customer, and between themselves and the folks who are "getting the job done."
  • Staying centered on values, rather than policies/procedures/protocols.
  • Treating the have-nots and the have-it-alls with the same level of respect.
Ready or not,...

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