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Friday, April 24, 2015


> Divert our attention.
> Suck our energy.
> Waste our time.
> Create disharmony.

They can spring from...
> External events/people.
> Poorly structured environments.
> Weak or devious team members.
> Misaligned metrics and incentives.

A fundamental job of leaders (whether they be moms, teachers, coaches, or bosses) is to minimize and/or eliminate distractions.  

By being perfectly clear about...
> Vision, mission, goals, objectives (too many of these are a distraction in itself).
> Praising and supporting acts aligned to those guiding elements.
> Noticing and candidly calling out acts that don't.
> Permanently removing persistent distractors.

Can't and won't happen if the leaders are sissies, unfocused, unclear, or ... distracted.

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