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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Trust is the accelerant that boosts the likelihood of success.

Trust in our team.
Trust in our leaders.
Trust that our product performs.
Trust that our suppliers will deliver.
Trust that improvement is part of the deal.
Trust that our services will be deployed with integrity.
Trust that tomorrow brings more and better opportunity.
Trust that all have carried out their assignments with fidelity.
Trust that all involved will honor commitments (written or spoken or implied).

Disruptions in trust have the same effect as trying to run uphill.  It can still be done, we can still "get there," but not without a lot of extra effort and energy.

What is trust built on?  
Relationships, founded in integrity, dependability, fairness, commitment, and transparency.

Hmmm...  If we use the logic of mathematics, then there must be some sort of direct connection between our prospects for success and the relationships we build and nurture. 

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