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Friday, April 10, 2015


Story telling took a bad rap when I was growing up.  My parents took a pretty dim view of me and my brothers if they ever caught us "telling a story" (i.e., lying).

Turns out story telling may not always be such a bad thing.  Truthful stories are just fine and actually need to be told.

Fact is, our story will be told.  We can tell it for ourselves or we can let others tell it for us.  Define, or be defined.

Our story gets told through our intentions, through our habits, through our gestures, through our service, through our acts, through our interactions with others, and, occasionally, 
even through our words.

If we’re gonna be the storyteller, it is imperative that we know what story we want to tell.

For our pondering:  What stories are being told about us?  And, who's doing the telling?

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