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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Praise is the act of expressing appreciation or admiration to/for someone.

Praise can be an uplifting, almost worshipful expression, emanating from the very core of our being.  Done in that spirit, praise is buoyant for both the praiser and the praisee.

Praise can also be bogus and hollow, expressed with little or no conviction.  That kind of praise is icky and diluted.  Kinda makes you feel like you need to take a shower after hearing it.

The best leaders I know are masterful in the art of giving authentic praise.  They find things to praise others for, often and in many ways.  These leaders even manage to praise others vicariously, through their colleagues, employees, and family - sort of an indirect pathway for the praise.  Consistently, these leaders praise others in the context of their shared values, beliefs, missions, and vision.  The praise is specific and meaningful.

One of the main reasons these leaders are so good is that they actually pay enough attention to the people around them to see/hear/know what is being done by those others that is actually praiseworthy.

For that, they deserve our praise.

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