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Friday, April 17, 2015


Learning is built into our DNA.  We were designed to learn.

Here's how learning happens.  Whether it's learning to...
  • ride a bike
  • read
  • speak a new language
  • be healthier
  • hit better tee shots
  • speak in public
  • (this list can go on forever)
here's the process:
  1. We decide we want to learn it
  2. We try it
  3. We fail
  4. We seek information/guidance/coaching/teaching
  5. We try again
  6. We fail (but better)
  7. We seek information/guidance/coaching/teaching
  8. We try again
  9. We fail (but more better)
  10. We...
At step 10 one of three things happens:
1) we die, 
2) we decide to stop trying to improve that skill (which is a form of dying), or 
3) we keep getting better at it (i.e., we keep repeating steps 7-9).

Happy learning...

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