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Monday, April 27, 2015


Forgiveness is often thought of as an act of grace, of overlooking the faults/offenses/sins of another, of wiping the slate clean and starting over from “now.”

Perhaps it’s a little bit of all of those things.  

Forgiveness is usually thought of in terms of what it affords the receiver.  Yet, some of the most beneficial effects of forgiveness are granted to the forgiver, not the forgivee.

Once we choose to forgive others, we are better able to forgive ourselves (and who doesn’t need a healthy dose of that?).  Forgiving others begins the process of freeing ourselves from some pretty unsavory burdens - like resentment, bitterness, even hatred.  Forgiving others offers us a fresh start from “now” just as much as it offers the forgivees that opportunity for do overs.

Yes, we can be wary.  
Yes, we can hold others accountable.  
Yes, we can protect ourselves from repeated abuses.  
But we can also liberate ourselves on many levels by not ingesting the lengthy menu of toxins associated with the unwillingness to forgive.

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