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Monday, May 5, 2014


I spent three days last weekend on a road trip with my three younger brothers.

We traveled to a number of locales and venues in central Texas (including Fredericksburg, Hunt, and Luckenbach).

The itinerary was loose, the schedule was relaxed, the activities spontaneous.

The four of us (ages 47-56) are now officially (pretty) old guys, but we had a great time.  We reminisced, we laughed, we philosophized, we debated...  

All things considered, here's some powerful learning I took out of that reunion:

  • We were blessed as children, not with riches or material possessions, but by loving parents who had high expectations for us and were NEVER afraid to say "no."
  • Knowing how to do "stuff" is more important in life than being able to buy "stuff."
  • You can't escape your genes (all bald, all with quirky senses of humor).
  • "Character" takes many forms, has many definitions, and allows for many interpretations - yet, it is unmistakable in its manifestations.
  • If for no other reason, I must keep my mind sharp simply to understand my brothers' jokes.
  • Hard work does not necessarily make you wealthy, but it makes you happier.
  • Helping/serving others can be executed from any station in life (and should be).
(Notice the traffic light, and heed the warning)

For you, my brothers:
Brotherly Love (Keith Whitley and Earl Thomas Conley, 1996).   I'm thinking we shouldn't wait 30 years to go on another road trip...

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