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Monday, May 12, 2014


It is very interesting to see how different people respond to the typical greeting of “How are you?”  

We hear/see a wide array of responses to that question:
“Good, and you?”
Raised eyebrows.
“Could be better.”
“Couldn’t be better.”
Shrugged shoulders.
“Having a rough day.”
"OK, I guess."
Frown, combined with shaking head.

A dear friend taught me about 20 years ago to always respond to the "How are you doing?" query with something upbeat and positive.  His advice was based on a three-fold premise:
  1. It surprises people when you respond brightly and positively.
  2. Nobody really wants to hear it if you're not doing so well.
  3. A positive response actually has positive impact on your own psyche.
Sounded like good advice to me then, and now I have 20 years of evidence to support it.

How you doin'?

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