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Saturday, September 29, 2018


The wisest leaders I know implement a number of strategies that position them well to

Preact rather than React.

What are some of the things they do?

  • They refuse to insulate themselves.  They have a wide network of connections, both inside and outside their organization.  They purposely gather many viewpoints and opinions, refusing to live in an echo chamber.
  • They exhibit extremely high levels of trust in the people that work with/for them, intentionally distributing the decision making responsibilities.  (When team members prove unworthy of that trust they are marginalized quickly, with dignity.)
  • They deliberately and with great discipline keep as much attention/discussion/effort on the long-view decisions as they do the short-view stuff.  Agenda items usually appear in that very order - farsighted precedes shortsighted.  
I've worked for a few of those leaders.  

Too few.

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