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Saturday, September 1, 2018


I have seen many posts and pictures of students/educators/families launching a new school year.

I am gratefully reminded of the impact "school" and its agents had on this guy:  
  • Educators and staff members who taught me to live well, not just perform academic calisthenics.
  • Teachers/professors who challenged me to THINK - deeply, broadly, critically.
  • Mentors who compelled me to "begin with the end in mind" (channeling Stephen Covey), to take the long view.
  • Coaches (of all stripes- life/athletic/music/intellectual) who taught me that substantive growth only occurs as result of pushing through discomfort.
  • Teammates (young and old) who confirmed that working together, toward BIG goals, is one of the most meaningful and satisfying experiences in life.
Can't measure that stuff with a multiple choice test.

Each of those influencers, in their own way, shaped me, refined me.  Some are still at it. 

Time to pay it forward (or, keep paying it forward).  The clock is tickin', you know.  


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