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Monday, September 10, 2018


Complex problems/challenges require collective intelligence.  Our best chance of solving complex problems is to explore a wide variety of options and examine the problem from various perspectives.

Here are some strategies that promote authentic discourse, in the interest of actually solving complex problems:

  • Enter such conversations with a curious mind - suspending our preconceived notions and striving mightily to understand our own assumptions/biases.
  • Ask deep, open, and probing questions (not those designed to be position statements).
  • LISTEN to the responses of others (and ourselves) - with our ears, with our eyes, with our minds.
Here are some strategies that virtually ensure that complex problems DON'T get solved:
  • Make others feel stupid or devalued.
  • Keep others from expressing their viewpoint/thoughts.
  • Use diversionary tactics that turn focus toward things/issues other than the problem at hand.
As always, we get to choose...

Note:  Complex problems rarely have simple solutions.

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