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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


We sometimes find ourselves treading water, either as individuals or as organizations.

Usually, we tread water (metaphorically speaking) to stall for time, to rest a bit, or to survive in overwhelming conditions.  We want/need to do something that will keep us afloat until we've decided on a course of action, or until someone comes along to rescue us.

However, water treading as standard operating procedure is not in our best interest (either individually or organizationally).  It's not a viable way of being.  It consumes energy and gets us nowhere.  It keeps us focused inwardly rather than outwardly.  

Far better to pick a direction and start swimming.  Once we've started in some direction, we can monitor and adjust as conditions/circumstances dictate.  At least we are headed somewhere, making some kind of progress, and gauging that progress against our goals (which can then be modified as needed).

Finally, water treading makes us easy targets - both from above the surface and below.  That's probably not part of our plan. 

Get ready!  Get set! .... Swim!

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