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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


It is in our nature to gravitate toward "bad" instead of "good."

News outlets report the bad stuff WAY more than the good stuff, because they understand that disposition.  Gossip is rarely focused on good stuff, almost always pointing us toward the bad or sordid.  When judging the work/behavior/thinking of others we almost always notice the bad stuff disproportionately to the good stuff.

The best leaders I know are extremely disciplined when it comes to how they focus their attention in this regard.  They purposely and persistently notice the good stuff at a much higher ratio than the rest of us.  It's not that they're not aware of the bad stuff, but rather, they know that the folks they work with respond better, work with more commitment, are more loyal, and engage with far more creativity and zeal when the leader notices and acknowledges the good stuff.

The best leaders I know understand that the bad stuff only gets fixed when a fully appreciated and affirmed team invest themselves in fixing the bad stuff.  Focusing on the good stuff is the most effective way to get that ball rolling.  

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