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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I frequently field questions from folks who'd like to "get their boss to change."  Sadly, I can't help on this one and here's why.  

Either or both of the following conditions must be met in order for a person/group/organization to significantly change their thinking/behavior.

  • Circumstances are such that the person/group/organization has no alternative other than to seek a change in thinking/behavior in order to sustain their existence.
  • A person/group/organization comes under a deep and powerful conviction that, in order to be all that they want to be, a change in thinking/behavior must occur.
The prognosis for change hinges upon these two elements:
  1. The person/group/organization must possess an above average IQ (either personally or collectively).
  2. The commitment to change must be extraordinarily powerful; powerful enough to compel substantive alterations in the habits embedded in the daily fabric of their lives. 
Externally forced change rarely works (history as my witness).  Intrinsically driven change is doable but difficult (as noted above).

The good news is that impassioned leaders with a powerful vision stand a decent chance of "pulling" others toward meaningful change (per the conditions noted above).  First, however, those leaders must see the need and meet the conditions necessary, themselves.   

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