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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The Bible teaches a concept called tithing.  The idea is that we should give freely - money, time, effort, service, support - in the interest of making a better future for others.  The derivative of said giving is that it "magically" produces even more prosperity for the giver.  (That's only the thumbnail version, minus the theological contexts and specifics.)

Now switch with me to the subject of leadership.  I believe a fundamental responsibility of leaders is to help others become better leaders, through modeling, teaching, delegating, challenging, facilitating, and mentoring.  In effect, as leaders we are investing (i.e., giving) much of ourselves in the interest of helping others become better leaders themselves.

I am convinced the principle of tithing works in this realm, too.  The more we engage in building the leadership skills of others (whether they be parents, team captains, managers, teachers, or CEOs), the more prosperous and effective we ourselves become as leaders as a result.  

That give-and-prosper mindset will keep replicating, in a self-sustaining way.   The organizations and communities we serve benefit, our mentees benefit, and we benefit.  Hard to see a downside to that kind of dynamic, huh? 

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