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Saturday, February 27, 2016


Thirty-nine years ago today, Moe (my lovely bride) said, "I do."  Uncle Bascom Chesney performed the ceremony and Aunt Barbara (now Davis) served as witness to the blessed event, in the living room of their home.  We only gave them three days advance notice as we decided to get married on the cuff.  A very cheap apartment in San Angelo was coming available and we wanted it.  Ms. Wyatt, the owner of the apartment, agreed to let us rent it with the understanding that we would be married by the time of occupation.  So, married we got.  (Note: we had been in love for two years already.)

Over the last 39 years, Moe and I have shared some remarkable experiences:
  • Raised two beautiful, smart, and resilient daughters.
  • Welcomed five grandchildren into our lives (and a couple sons-in-law).
  • Built two homes with our own hands.
  • Grown and shrunk (several times).
  • Bounced around Texas working in schools (in the country and in the city).
  • Purchased and grown a working ranch.
  • Garnered and fostered innumerable friendships with valued others.
  • Got a lot smarter and felt a lot dumber.
  • Mourned the loss of several pillars of our lives (yet they live on within us).
  • Enjoyed the continued blessing of parents who are yet alive.
  • Laughed, cried, and worked - a lot.
  • Grown closer to each other, to the Earth, and to the God of our understanding.
The journey continues (for a few more moments? a few more decades? who knows?).  Life and marriage are both fragile, and we are keenly aware of that fact, which makes this day even more blessed.   

Moe's touch still warms me, her kisses still thrill me, her mind still amazes me.  I think I'll keep her (and hope like hell she feels the same way, too).   

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