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Sunday, February 21, 2016


I recently read Mayday by Nelson DeMille and Thomas Block (1998).  

This novel is a good 'un.  A supersonic commercial jet is hit by a military test missile, causing complete decompression at 60,000+ feet.  A handful of passengers and crew are in isolated enclosed spaces that held air pressure, and thus, are the only occupants which avoided brain damage and/or physical debilitation.  

Ultimately one amateur pilot, one flight attendant, and one child are all that is left to land the crippled plane.  As if the forces of nature alone are not enough to bring them and the 300+ incapacitated passengers crashing to the earth, the airline executives and military leaders on the ground are working diligently to limit their own political and financial liabilities by trying to disable the damaged plane.  

If you like cliff hangers, this one will tickle your fancy.  (I'll read anything DeMille writes.)

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