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Monday, December 1, 2014


Grant Wiggins proposed a "Student's Bill of Rights" in 1996  Below are his assertions in that document.

Every student has a right to...
  • Do interesting work that is useful, challenging, intriguing, or provocative;
  • Work collaboratively with the teacher to make learning meaningful;
  • Know the well-defined and clearly stated criteria for evaluation or grading;
  • Be judged according to established criteria rather than being included in a ranking of competitors;
  • Get genuine and frequent feedback, both for right now and for long-term progress toward the exit level;
  • Take part in grading or scoring that will give chances to improve performance, with assessment being recursive and continual;
  • Have plenty of opportunity to do work of which he or she can be proud, with revisions, self-assessment, and self-correction;
  • Be able to show, often and in many ways, how well she or he is doing, especially to demonstrate strengths;
  • Have available during assessment whatever resources were available during learning (calculators, rulers, reference books, physical models, etc.)
I have loved that passage since I first read it.  Sounds like a magical learning space to me. 

But.................I'm not only a learner and teacher, I am also an organizational team member.  Try this:  Re-read GW's work above substituting "organizational team member" or "employee" for the word "student."  

Sound like the kind of organization you'd like to hitch your wagon to?  

Got a nice ring to it, huh?

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