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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Interesting and consequential work most often entails doing something different than we've done in the past.  It means tackling a complex problem, within unique contexts, availed of only today's palette of tools, alongside team members who themselves possess certain "idiosyncrasies" (both as individuals and collectively).  Many times, the problems themselves seem absolutely intractable.

Not surprisingly, there is no instruction manual to which we can refer to get a detailed here's-how-to-proceed recipe.  There is no map on which we can rely to see clearly which path takes us easily and quickly to the solution we seek.


Those kinds of challenges are almost always like hacking a new path through the jungle with a machete.  Good work.  Hard work.  Gratifying work.  Exhausting work.  Frustrating work.  Invigorating work.  Satisfying work.  Work, nonetheless.  And, work that needs doing.

"Gentlemen/Gentlewomen, start your machetes!"

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