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Sunday, December 21, 2014


I recently read Edge of Eternity: Book Three of the Century Trilogy (2014), by Ken Follett.

This third book of KF's historical fiction trilogy continues tracing the big historical events of the globe through the eyes, ears, and lives of several families, of different nationalities.

The time frame for this work is essentially from World War II to about 2000.  KF captures the building of the Iron Curtain, the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr., the Viet Nam War, the Nixon fiasco, and the implosion of the Soviet Union.

As with all KF works, it's long (1000+ pages).
As with all KF works, it's masterfully written.
As with all KF works, he absolutely captures one with his story telling.
As with all KF works, I learn a lot of stuff I didn't know (some of which, I thought I knew).

Somewhat uncharacteristically, KF allows his "politics" to show thorough in this work.  But, it didn't distract me from the power of the work.

I'll read anything KF rights, and can recommend that you do, too.  Thanks, MCC, for bringing this trilogy to my attention.

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