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Monday, December 29, 2014


The principal of the school I serve (Guthrie Common School District in Guthrie, Texas) are in a continual book study.  The book we have most recently studied together is Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson (2014).

This work is a narrative of PJ's life in basketball, during which he won eleven National Basketball Association (NBA) championships.  The book is chock full of nuggets of leadership wisdom and guidance.

Some of my biggest takeaways (though not nearly all of them):

  • The more one tries to exert power overtly, the less powerful one is.
  • Simplicity, patience, and compassion are fundamental pillars of leadership.
  • One can't lead (or coach) effectively if "being liked" is the primary objective.
  • Foster an environment in which each team member can develop creatively and autonomously.
  • Living fully in this moment is far more important than living in the past or pining about the future.
  • Chop wood, carry water.
  • EVERY organization/community/family/team has it's share of inflated egos (though the NBA seems to have a disproportionate share); effect leaders must be students of psychology.
Good book.

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