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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Words are some of the most powerful tools/weapons we have at our disposal.  The impact of our words only intensifies as the size of the audience grows and/or as the level of our leadership authority increases.

Thus, some key guiding principles can have positive and immeasurable impact when we follow them:

  • Words seem able to hurt FAR easier than they heal; use them negatively with extreme caution.
  • Criticism never plays well (especially when uninvited).
  • Apologies are extremely hard to carry off with authenticity and sincerity.
  • Speak with brevity, speak with precision.
  • Judiciously match tone and body language to the message (mixed signals are bad signals).
  • Thought provoking questions are a most powerful use of words.
  • Think first; pain, anger, confusion typically follow thoughtlessly delivered words.
  • Listening well always trumps talking well.
  • If in doubt, stop talking.
We make the world a better place when we wisely abide by these word rules.

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