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Friday, April 28, 2017


I recently read Lessons from the Mouse by Dennis Snow (2010).

DS, a long-term employee of Disney World, shares with us the secrets of making magic for customers, and for ourselves.

My biggest takeaways:
  • Consistency of performance is grounded in our habits.
  • Some keys to making work "fun" - Smile, Play (with each other and with customers), Connect (with each other and with customers), Fake it (even when you don't feel like it).
  • Be animated, not automated.
  • A great title for the receptionist - Vice President of First Impressions (could also be used for bus drivers, greeters, cafeteria workers, technicians, ...)
  • Employees are to be treated the way they are expected to treat customers.
  • How to take charge of one's own career: Let your boss know your goals, Be a problem solver, Find a mentor, Be passionate about your work, Always learn, Make your boss look good, Work hard and smart, Show up on time or early.  
My favorite quote:
"In your organization, your customer is whoever benefits from the work you do – or conversely, whoever suffers when your work is done poorly or not at all."  (p. 97)

A quick read and a great book for team book studies.  Thanks for the recommendation, RB.

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