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Monday, April 10, 2017


Anxiety is a cognitive-emotional state.  All of us who have cognitive function and emotional being experience it.  "Anxiety" typically fosters negative connotations, but it can and does serve us in some useful ways.  

Anxiety, healthily channeled, can..

  • Focus our attention, heighten our awareness.
  • Spike our energy levels.
  • Press us toward action.

Anxiety, not so healthily channeled, can..

  • Fog up our thinking and judgement.
  • Drain us of energy.
  • Paralyze and stymie us.
Obviously, the difference in outcomes is based on how we channel the anxiety.  

Healthy channeling of anxiety comes from knowing who we are, knowing clearly where we are going, knowing well how to discern the difference between "urgent" vs "important," knowing sources of wisdom (both living and written) upon which we can draw, and knowing deeply what we believe.

Those who do not experience anxiety are not living, either figuratively or literally.  Channel well.

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