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Monday, April 24, 2017


The biological sciences now inform us that about 98 percent of the cells in our bodies overturn each year.  Yep, the you in the mirror is physically 98 percent completely rebuilt from one year ago.

Of course, we all know that we don't look or even feel exactly as we did a year ago.  But knowing just how completely new/different we are physically is a little sobering.  If we're that much remade, what goes/went into that rebuilding and remaking?  Fundamentally, it boils down to our daily habits - the quality of food we chose to ingest, the kinds and quantities of hydration we take in, the amount and forms of rest we accomplish, and the nature of the exercise in which we partake.  A million little decisions (driven by our habits) each day/week/month go into the complete rebuilding of US each year.

Same holds true for our emotional/spiritual and cognitive selves.  We are constantly remaking ourselves in those dimensions through our practices of renewal, our choices in what we read/hear/see, the people we choose to associate with, and the purposefulness and quality of our reflective practices.  Again, all are driven by the habits we have adopted.

Since the NEW us is under constant construction - either purposely, or not - it's probably worth our time to take a close look at our habits.  After all, we choose those. 

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